Our freedoms are not up for debate


As the son of an immigrant family, Caleb Slater wants to keep the American dream alive in New York. Growing up in low income housing in the small village of Dundee, New York, Slater saved, worked hard, and paid his own way through Cayuga Community College and Ithaca College to start a promising career in business. 

Slater is a deal-maker with a will to fight for our freedoms. 

While in college Slater was an activist for many republican causes, working hard to turn out Republican votes during elections and advance conservative ideals in a hostile academic atmosphere.

With years of experience in commercial real estate, Slater knows what it takes to broker high value agreements to advance the interest of his clients. He is running for State Senate to work for YOU the same way.

No more games. It’s time to give New York results with a better economy, safer communities, and a government dedicated to STOPPING the Green Energy agenda.